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Arthur Loesch 302 Mono Amplifier

Model 301 Mono Amplifier

A revised version of the 301 Mono Amplifier is available again as part of the Series 300 Mono Amplifier collection. This page is being left up for reference purposes.

Since the late 1980s, Dr. Arthur Loesch has been a major figure in the revival of the Single-Ended Triode (SET) amplifier for home audio use.
The Model 301 Mono Amplifier features a single 300B or Type 50 output tube. The filament voltage for the 300B and 50 power tubes can be switched externally, making them interchangeable with the flip of a switch. Designed for loudspeakers with a minimum efficiency of 94dB/1m, installing either power tube will easily drive your speakers to satisfactory SPL levels in most listening rooms.
Sonically, the Model 301 redefines the sound of the 300B, for which it's primarily designed. Highs are clear, detailed and undistorted; the midrange is full, rich, and vibrant; and the bass is bold and deep, with an impact usually attributed to solid state equipment. Sound staging is wide, deep, and three-dimensional. These amplifiers present music with the snap and timing of a live performance, sailing through the most difficult recordings, as they lift the last veil between you and the stage.
Features include:
  • Tango AC, Output, Interstage and DC Filter Transformers
  • Transformer coupling throughout the audio section, with no capacitors directly in the signal path
  • Available for either 100V, 120V, or 240V worldwide operation
  • WBT-0210 Ag NextGen Fine Silver RCA Sockets
  • WBT 0710 Ag NextGen Fine Silver Binding Posts
  • Zero Negative Feedback
  • Pure Class A Performance
  • Teflon® insulated, pure silver wire throughout the audio signal path.
  • Teflon® insulated, silver-plated copper wire throughout the power supply.
  • High Tone Teflon® and Ceramic Tube Sockets
  • Teflon® and Polypropylene Capacitors throughout (no electrolytics)
  • Caddock MS Series Power Resistors
  • Furutech 15A IEC Teflon® Power Inlet
  • Shielded, 14 Gauge Quail detachable power cord included
  • Optional 12 Gauge, double-Teflon® insulated, CS Power Cord available as an upgrade
  • Soundcare® SuperSpikesTM for increased isolation from airborne and mechanical feedback

Model 301 Mono Amplifier

Rear Plate: WBT NextGen RCA single-ended and Furutech balanced inputs, WBT Top Line binding posts for Common, 4, 6, 8, and 16 Ohm taps (WBT NextGen Ag available as an upgrade), DC and AC circuit breakers, and 15 Amp Furutech IEC power inlet, machined from solid Teflon.®
SpecificationsModel 301 mono Amplifier
ImpedanceInput = 100K Ohms
Output = 4, 6, 8, 16 Ohms
Input12AU7 / ECC82
Rectifier5AR4 / GZ34
Output300B or 50
(Pure Class A)
Plate Voltage380 Watts
Plate Current60mA
Plate Dissipation22.8 Watts (Auto Bias)
Filament Voltage5.0V @ 1.5A (300B)
7.5V @ 1.5A (50)
300B8 Watts per Mono Amp
504 Watts per Mono Amp
112 Watts @ 1.10 Amps per Mono Amp
Power Supply 
AC Mains Input100V, 120V, or 240V (all fixed)
Size16.75" Wide x 12.0" Deep x 10.0" High
(425mm Wide x 305mm Deep x 254mm High)
Net Weight45 lbs. (20.45 kg) each
PricesPlus shipping from Saratoga Springs, NY, 12866 USA
Amplifiers Only$11,000 per pair, without tubes
Premium 300B Tube Package+$1200 per pair of amplifiers, including new Emission Labs 300B Mesh Plates, NOS Sylvania (Philips ECG 5AR4), NOS Black Glass Tung Sol 12AU7, and NOS Sylvania 6350
Tube prices may vary subject to availability.
Power Cord UpgradeUpgrade the standard 14 Gauge shielded power cord to our 12 Gauge double-Teflon® insulated, CS Power Cord, featuring WattGate Audio Grade terminations.
+$250/6 feet, +$10 each additional foot, per amplifier
AvailabilityAvailable as part of the Series 300 Mono Amplifier Collection.

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